Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last day in La Paz

We stuck around La Paz today, since Jeff is coming down with the cold I gave him, we needed to do laundry, and we wanted to check out the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). It was a pretty relaxing day, over all. The morning was extremely lazy, so the day really started with lunch:

Lunch was as good as it looked. It was very expensive for Bolivia - B150, but that included the meals you see, plus two juices each and a dessert. But then, if you convert that, it totaled US $21 or so. Another reason I love Bolivia. Did I mention it was in a greenhouse in a garden?

Next, we went to Valley of the Moon. We took local transportation, trufis (like Tanzanian daladalas) to get there and back, since it was about 10 km outside of town. We weren´t expecting a whole lot, since the guide book says it´s over-hyped and others say there isn´t much there. So what we got far exceeded expectations.

It´s a good thing it´s a park and they´ve built paths through - you´d never get anywhere without them:

The weather was a bit dark and grey and rainy, but it made for good photography lighting.

Staying on the path was a must, since there were some very large holes. Some, we couldn´t see the bottom of.

There was a small, colorful town just past it that made a pretty good backdrop.

Back to La Paz - the trufi we got back wasn´t exactly the one we wanted, since the one we wanted seemed to be too popular a route to leave room for us in any of the vehicles going by. So we grabbed another that let us off in a not-too-far-off part of town, and wandered through a market that seemed to go for dozens of blocks.

And there you are. We´re off to pack for Copacabana tomorrow. We´ll check in someday, but not real soon.

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  1. Hi Jeff and Kate, Love your latest photos. Can I join you for lunch? It looks really yummy!

    Sig came down a couple days ago and we desiccated your boxes. She did all the hard work of lifting while I opened the lids and threw in the desiccant. IT went quickly and wasn't half as hard as I'd imagined. My friend Cindy came later that day with 2 of her grandkids. Quite a handful she has all summer babysitting! We watched sailboat races off and on this week but the best view was yesterday at the cabin.

    Bill and Amy Chew just sent me their "newsletter" and I responded to them and sent them your blog address. Also remembered that tomorrow, July 25, is the TWENTY year anniversary of your dad Paul's death. In some ways it seems like just last year. How time flies, huh? And I still miss him and Chris so much. Know you do, too.

    Well we're off to pick up Peg and drive down to Greenbank to visit the Loganberry Festival this afternoon.

    Sending you our love. Keep those posts coming. We love them!