Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big updates!

Hello all,

We´ve been out of internet contact for about a week now, and we´ve finally updated this thing with all the happenings from the time away. Just so it´s not too confusing, the last four posts go together, and show up on the blog in reverse chronological order - so scroll down to"Pictures of Sucre and Potosí" first, then go back up to "Uyuni part 1," then "Uyuni part 2," and finally "La Paz."

Also, we put up a couple goofy videos from Uyuni:
The biggest bottle of beer in the world:
Me dancing on Jeff´s stomach:

Enjoy! We´ll be out of contact for a while again, we suspect, so don´t worry if you don´t hear much.

-Kate (and Jeff)

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