Saturday, April 24, 2010

finishing the septic system

After installing the septic tank, we added some drainage to the yard since we've had a soggy spot behind the house for as long as we lived here. So we had our contractor dig us an additional ditch along the low section and added perforated drainage pipe with filter fabric and gravel along the wet area.

Had our contractor backfill everything, then I repaired the fence, reseeded the lawn, and covered everything with straw. Then we waited 2 weeks for it to rain. That's right--two weeks of bone-dry April in the 80s. Finally it's nearing the end of April and Mother Nature has finally decided to water our lawn and garden. And the weather is cooling down. An inverted temperature curve for the month. Whatever, I hope to see green any day now...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just checking - it looks like I can post here too. Jeff doesn't -always- get the final word!

Ok, so here's the new septic tank placed in our yard. They had to take out the corner fencepost and tear up our garden to get all the equipment in there, but that's better than a stinky yard.

Here's our cozy little cabin in the woods in Kentucky. We'd have a beautiful yard right now if it wasn't for getting our septic tank and field completely redone right now. The yard is torn up and dusty and the old failed leach field stinks. But soon we hope for a rebirth of our cabin's health.