Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hey, look at me! I figured out this whole computer thing after all! Finally, the promised pictures:

First, my room in my host family´s house in Sucre:

This little girl is a sweetie - she´s always happy to see me. In fact, she jumps up when she sees me, but not your normal putting-front-paws-up kind of jumping. She full-on leaps about a foot off the ground. It´s pretty funny.

A few views of Sucre - first, the main plaza:

All the streets in the center of town look like this:

I went on a walk with a friend of mine from school to get these pictures, and we went up to the famous cemetary on a hill above town. There were flower sellers right outside. It smelled lovely out there.

It´s a good sized cemetary, with some very large tombs for the richer citizens, and walls of little boxes for the less-rich.

I´m standing between a couple of the walls of boxes for the not-so-rich. The cemetary has a nice view of the city.

Dinosaurs are everywhere. They have phone booths in the shape of dinosaurs, and huge statues. There is a famous park near here with dino footprints, and one a little farther away that apparently has lots of really well preserved ones.

The place I spend most of my time, it seems, is school. At least it´s pretty:

All righty, then. I´d better be off for the day, so I´ll say goodbye for now. Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Hi Kate - Hurrah for persistence! Great pictures; you look like you're enjoying yourself. And, to continue the family tradition, a CEMETERY TOUR! Thanks.

  2. lovely! thanks for sharing pics :)