Friday, June 18, 2010

On my way

I'm taking off tomorrow for the great summer adventure, and I keep getting questions about what the heck is going on. So here is the answer, all in one place.

Jeff and I are applying for Peace Corps, but it will be many months before we know whether or not we're in. One requirement for service, since we want to go to Latin America, is two years' of college Spanish credit. Jeff tested out, but I want to take classes. I took one year while studying at Marshall University (just graduated in May 2010), but needed a second year. Since I know immersion works for me, and we really want a trip south, we decided to do classes in South America.

I'm signed up to study with the Academia Latinoamericana in Sucre, Bolivia and in Cuzco, Peru (they also have a school in Ecuador, but I chose Bolivia and Peru because they will be easier to travel between). I'll be in classes from June 21 to July 9 in Sucre, with Jeff catching up to me for the last week of that, and then we'll travel together for three weeks with the ultimate destination of Cuzco. Classes in Cuzco will be from August 2 to August 20, then we'll travel a little more. We fly out of Peru on August 29th and arrive in West Virginia on August 30th, where our house (that has yet to sell) and our cars are, which are being cared for by our lovely neighbors.

The next adventure after that is environmental education jobs with the Rock Eagle 4H camp through a program run by the University of Georgia. We report for work on September 3rd (yes, five days after we land in WV), and will work until some undetermined date in December. We're hoping to know by then if/when Peace Corps will take us, and that will determine what comes next.

So now I'm preparing to leave my mom's house -again-, which is tough. I'll also leaving my cat Leo and dog Subira in her care. I know they'll be fine (spoiled rotten, actually), but I don't know that I will be, since they are my babies. But I'm heading out on an awesome adventure. I know I'll be psyched when I get to Bolivia! I'm supposed to land Sunday the 20th at 1:35 pm Sucre time, which is currently the same as Eastern Daylight Time. That's less than 48 hours from now. Wow.

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