Friday, April 11, 2014

An Ode to Grandma Kate

My dear grandmother passed away on Monday. I was fortunate to be able to say goodbye - to be there for the last few days, and even the last moment, of her life. At 97, her passing was not unexpected, and a recent doctor's visit confirmed two weeks before that it was time for the family to gather. She was celebrated at the end, and passed peacefully, surrounded by her children plus my mom and me. It was a good end to a life well lived.
Her place was always so cozy!

I will miss her. I'll miss her flowers in her garden. I'll miss her smile. I'll miss her updates on getting older, and her example of gracious living. I'll miss her unwavering acceptance of all the crazy things we did, and her unique ability to make every visit feel like a celebration of the moment. Her life has taught me a lot.
She taught me to plant flowers - something she loved to do.

Thank you, Grandma. Rest well. I love you.

Waving goodbye on the porch.

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