Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ode to Stehekin

Yet again, Stehekin has left me speechless. I don't know what to say about such a wonderful place, or such a great job.  So I'll let the pictures do most of the talking...

Seriously - this was part of training for work.  We get paid for this?

Throwing coworkers in the lake was also part of training.  Fun!

Geeking out was part of the job.  Note, this was not training, but real work.

She asked for it, but I have to admit to not having taken a sniff...

Nice of the craft store people to keep the salad bar open outside of their regular hours.

Evidence of nighttime visitors to the Visitor Center - we never did catch any of them, so we were never sure what it was.  Poop mystery!

Due to the sheer magnetic pull of our personalities (and the genius of our location choices), we got lots of visitors.  Love spreading the gospel of the North Cascades!

We had a very important set of guests - both mothers - on a very important occasion, MomSig's birthday.
Our roommate and niece Alex made the birthday pie from berries that she and Jeff picked.

The lovely Alex, our summer's cook and entertainment.

Sad day - the day she left.  Awwwww....

Once Alex left, Jeff had to cook for himself - so he made a gigantic pile of pancakes.

Our front yard.  Really.

A little get together at the neighbor's - regular Stehekin evening.

Labor Day in Stehekin.  Lovely!

We did non-home stuff too - Jeff learned some fishing, and we went hiking some.  Still gorgeous up there!

We went high up, too - less fishing, greater views.

Stehekin highs!

There are some lovely campgrounds up there, although you often have to work for them.

Summer's excitement - a fire a few miles downlake.

The real excitement of the summer, though, was the mudslide.  The yard in the Labor Day picture?  It's under there somewhere...

I decided to get crafty with some fabric I've been carrying around for years.  I even got it in the community art show.  I wouldn't call it art, but hey, whatever!

My one time "out" all summer - for a reunion of my mom's side family.  We got a picture of my mom and her whole immediate family - brothers, kids, and grandson, plus one of the kids-in-law.  Ain't we cute?

Tortilla party!  We had to show off our tortilla skills - don't think we passed on the tradition, but fun was had anyway.

I believe the tortillas were enjoyed.  The leaning tower of 52 tortillas was reduced to this lonely little guy by the end of the night.

The summer season definitely ended just as we were packing up to go.  Fresh snow on McGregor = time for Florida!

We had a super sendoff from a dedicated group of rainy day friends!

Another season done in Stehekin, with more super memories, and some decent photos.
We're now in Florida, and have little access to wifi besides when we visit friends.  We'll try to post more, but we'll need to settle in a bit.  I guess you can call us snowbirds now!

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  1. As always, thanks for the photos and the stories. You have made a fascinating life.